Front-Trends 2013 takes place on April 24-26, 2013 at the SOHO Factory in Warsaw, Poland. It is an independently organized conference for the community of web and mobile developers, interaction and UX designers, and tech entrepreneurs. With over 24 sessions, attendees can discover the latest trends in modern web and mobile development and meet the industry leaders who shape the face of the internet.

Front-Trends offers a festival atmosphere with activities, games, lounge areas, free food & drink, and a steady stream of caffeine and beer to complement the intense learning sessions that take place during the speaker talks. The event often leaves a positive mark on each attendees’ professional development as they always learn something new and valuable. The event is also an excellent opportunity for many innovative companies and IT organization to showcase their technologies and services, or find the best recruits for their teams.

Attendees can expect unique presentations such as live code demonstrations, discussion panels, and never-before seen content from fresh new talent in the developer community. Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments are served to attendees on each day of the event, and a party will be held on Thursday, April 25th for all attendees. Everything is included in the ticket price.


Front-Trends 2013 is the 3rd installment of the Front-Trends conference, first organized in 2010. The event was created for the developer community in hopes of bringing the best minds and ideas to Europe’s local developer talent, without the high costs of travel to similar events in Silicon Valley or the Bay Area, where yearly ticket costs and international travel expenses can be prohibitive.

Key differences this year: The conference has been extended by an additional day (for a total of 3 days), up from 2 days in previous years. Mobile OS discussion panel between the leaders in mobile OS development.

Front-Trends Contents

Front-Trends 2013 uses a single track with over 24 primary talks at 30 minutes each. A secondary stage is provided for in-depth workshops, activities, contests, and closer interaction with the audience.

The conference spans many topics, but generally covers the following:

  • Web Development

    Web-based internet technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Canvas, and JavaScript in addition to browser functionality, localization, optimization, performance, infrastructure, libraries, and frameworks.

  • Mobile Development

    Trends in Mobile-specific technologies such as mobile OS, Mobile SDKs, Cross-Platform development and developer APIs for mobile networks.

  • UX and User Interaction Design

    Topics on user interaction span both web and mobile development, but generally include best practices, tips and tricks in making usable designs, demonstrations of design tools, etc.


Front-Trends 2013 is an international event conducted entirely in English that attracts an audience from all over the globe, primarily mobile and web developers, interaction designers, in addition to project managers and their IT organizations. Located in Warsaw, more than half of the participants are from outside Poland.


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